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my headache's bigger than yours [Mar. 9th, 2009|11:49 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

new song... written by mike and jay.

My Headache's Bigger Than Yours

It's kind of easy to be perfect
It's kind of righteous to be wrong
Don't call it how it is, when nothing's what it seems
I've got a headache that's bigger than yours

I can't live now forever
I can only live today
Seasons change in oh so many ways
If I'm around, then you're around, and we're around

Check in to a nice hotel
Elevator's broke, I'll take the stairs
All I see are stars of green
Still my headache is bigger than yours
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Hammerheads, Bottom's Up, and 20,000 Leagues Over.. [Feb. 27th, 2009|09:11 am]
[Current Mood |indifferentindifferent]
[Current Music |dandy warhols]

It's been a few weeks, but some real exciting things have popped up. For one, we've made some friends. Well, two to be exact, really. Our friends Chris & Josh of Hammerhead are too cool for words, so we'll just say, "These guys are too cool for words." They're so "rad" (what am I? A f'n Ninja Turtle?) that they're going on tour with us. What? What's that you say? Yes, The Code Kids are going on tour:

Yep. It's called the "20,000 Leagues Over Wisconsin" Tour. Cool title, huh? We have the dates confirmed, the travel arrangements made, and our day jobs are OK with it. How cool, huh? It's only for a week, sure, but it's a good test run for us. We also have a few secrets up our sleeve. Summer tour? Fall East Coast tour? A Southern tour in 2010? Surely, we're joking. Nope, absolutely a very stoic manner. Hey, we might even end up in the shit hole that's Tallahassee again. How about that?

So what else has been happening? We played The Bottom Lounge the other night. While the sound was exceptional ("How Very" and "Take Me Down to the Hospital" were our best tracks), it wasn't our best turn out. Nevertheless, it's a killer venue and we paid our dues (a Wednesday night gig in the West Loop...yikes). The owner dug our stuff, and maybe he'll throw us on a bigger show--say one with a touring band? They do have Gaslight Anthem, Appleseed Cast, and a slew of other big bands coming in. You...just...never...know.

We have a pre-tour party at Quencher's Saloon coming up in two weeks or so. So, if you're in the area, come out with some friends and have fun. I know I'm talking to a brick wall on this thing, so whatever...but never hurts to try.

I'm exhausted.


Bottom Lounge - 2/25/09:
   Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere
Short Circuitry
Take Me Down To The Hospital (The Replacements cover)
How Very
Andrew McCarthy
It's Gonna Rain
Hell In High Water (Toadies cover)
Moving Walkways
Good For You
Kiki's At It Again
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Seventeen and strung out... [Feb. 9th, 2009|12:16 am]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |green day - 2000 light years away]

After cancellations, misfires, and endless mischief, the band is still going strong. Why wouldn't we be? We have ten plus songs, a slew of covers, and an evolving following that's growing with each show. To think, we're actually selling albums! Who would have thought that was possible, huh? Well, it is possible and that's been a total plus...not for monetary purposes (though that'd be nice, at least for Brad's sore wallet), but it just shows people are digging the tunes.

The past two weeks have been a blast. A week ago (and some change), the band re-assembled after some short blows and worked through a strong three hour practice. We wrote a new tune, "Moving Walkways", and put together two new covers: the Mat's "Take Me Down to the Hospital" and The Toadies "Hell in High Water." All of them sounded impressive at practice and it was unbelievable how fast "Moving Walkways" came together--I think it was something like two takes? We're just made for each other, I guess. Aw, how romantic!

As for Reggie's, we kicked up a storm and a racket. We don't any photos yet, but mind you, it was a show for the cards. Although we went on late, after three bands and around 12:30, we put up a fight and managed to rope in about 25-30 people (who weren't even there for us specifically). Everything new went over expectations. "How Very" seemed smooth and spot as an opener and "Andrew McCarthy" rounded out the show for the first time. The crowd favorite seemed to be "Good For You" and surprisingly "Take Me Down..." (there were a couple of 'Mats fans in the house). So, we were really proud of what happened. We even made a few fans and had some people come up to us throughout the night. It was great.

We've met some new friends and have some BIG surprises coming up this week. If you pry around you'll find out what exactly those are, but what good would that be? Don't you want to be surprised? Don't you need the surprise? We know you do, so just sit tight. We're waiting on the specifics and also some artwork, but once we have those, we'll announce our big plans as soon as possible. For now, enjoy the tunes and try to catch our upcoming date: 2/25 at the Bottom Lounge. Mind you, this is the same stage that grab huge, huge bands every night. We're playing on a Wednesday, but nonetheless...we're psyched.

Well, here's the set list for Reggie's:

Feb. 07, 2009
Reggie's Music Joint, Chicago, IL
Set: 50 mins

How Very
Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere
Moving Walkways
Take Me Down To The Hospital (The Replacements cover)
It's Gonna Rain
Short Circuitry
Kiki's At It Again
Hell In High Water (Toadies cover)
Good For You
Andrew McCarthy

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Not the Weather Underground, but close... [Jan. 11th, 2009|08:09 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |the roadless]

The second show at the Underground Lounge went really, really well. We had something like 40-50 people all stuffed in the bar below, and that was a relief. I just wish people could smoke in bars still. I can only imagine the stuffy atmosphere that would have created, especially if a sweaty, scruffy biker was plopped down at the bar for the whole of the night. Oh, one can imagine, right?

We played a solid set. No new song, unfortunately. We pulled two new songs last minute. Lyrically, "One Foot in the Door" isn't ready and "If All Else Fails" could use an overhaul, too. Instead, we pummeled through "Breed" and surprised everyone with "Hey Sandy", yes the ol' Pete & Pete tune. I'm not sure how many more Nirvana songs we'll play, but definitely expect some more Polaris, as they were a blast to cover.

One highlight was the two minute drum solo by Brad Cooper, which we beautifully destroyed by not coming in on time. Haha. Hey, it's errors like that which make us human, am I right? "Good For You" went over well, but "How Very" is quickly becoming thee song to play. It's fast and everyone seems to be enjoying it. Kudos to Slater!

Sold a few EPs, nothing to write home about.

Sergio Soltero took some promotional photos for us, as well as some live stuff, so look forward to those. They should look great, but we were acting like idiots the whole time. Even better. We were all pretty exhausted after the show, but the energy was killer.

Fiend of Scotland, an acapella acoustic group, really kept things tight. They're all friends and for a last minute first show, it was a killer time. They played originals but their cover of "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead really showed off their proverbial musical guns. Of course, Zachary Drummond was stellar, jetting through a series of covers and originals...all alone...with phasers and loops to help him. He's like Andrew Bird or something. What a guy!

Big plans. We have a ton of shows coming, we've been making some friends, and we're consistently writing more and more. Some of the stuff has been a lil' out there, some of it sounds in the vein of everything else we've been writing. Either way, it's all been a positive run thus far. If you take a look at the schedule, you'll see we're going to be busy for awhile. If you can make it to any or all of the shows, we can only promise you it's going to be one hell of a time.

Oh, and we're also in the works of a tour for late March... all throughout the Midwest. So, um, yeah.. be excited!


The Code Kids 2009 Tour Dates
01/22 - Chicago, IL @ Wright College
01/24 - Chicago, IL @ The Red Line Tap
01/25 - Chicago, IL @ Ronny's
02/07 - Chicago, IL @ Reggie's
02/13 - Milwaukee, WI @ The BBC Upper Level
02/25 - Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge


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Cobra's, Cougar's and Kyle: Show One Down, Three To Go... [Dec. 12th, 2008|08:38 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]
[Current Music |The Police - Next To You]

After a year of hype, we finally made it to the Cobra Lounge. It was a cold, cold, cold fuckin' night in Chicago, but we pulled through. Something like thirty or forty people managed to come out for the Thursday show. It was a strong pull and a strong audience, with some great familiar faces in tow, too.

If you haven't been to the Cobra Lounge, it's really pleasing to the eyes. Maybe it's just my affection for red and black, but the stage area (the joint is split b/w a restaurant and the lounge/stage area) was just really relaxing and fun. There's this glittery red bar and some booths that surround it too. Kind of cool in that devilish, 60's shag wag type of way. It was nice to hang out back there hours before the show. We practiced a few of the new ones (e.g. "I Ain't Calling", "How Very", and "Kiki's At It Again") and put together some ideas for the future. The sound guy had some fun too, especially when we sound checked a whacko version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit", in which we dubbed the verses with lyrics from "Riders on the Storm". It didn't help that we were screaming over the choruses, but hey, it ended up sounding great.

We started off with "Nobody Knows..." and it just killed. I think we put in more energy in that one song then we have all year practicing it. It went over well, and things just escalated with "Short Circuitry" and a great cut of "Andrew McCarthy." It's cool to see all the people react to the tunes. I think "McCarthy" is going to be a favorite, as will "How Very", which had a lot of people moving about. During our cover of "Anything, Anything" by Dramarama, Jay got so into it that he slipped and dropped his guitar, snapping the head of the SG. It was odd. I thought he broke his string. It was unfortunate too because it was right before "Good For You", but we managed and he came through singing some harmonies.

The guitar goes into the shop soon, so he'll be back with the SG by January 10th at the Underground Lounge, where we'll be dragging along friends Fiend of Scotland and Zachary Drummond of Mad Hornet. Speaking of which, we're working on some new tunes (how crazy huh?) and a new cover. We want to bring a new event. In fact, that's going to be our motto, a new show every time you come to see us. Never will we have the same set list. It'll be different every time, with surprises out of left field. Hell, we might even piss you off.

They liked us a lot at the Cobra, so much so that we'll be back sometime in Jan or Feb, with weekend shows and a bigger headliner. Das Gluv was a blast, but definitely not a great, great mix. Still, we had fun and best of luck to the band. I loved their sound and I'd check them out in the future, as should you, too!

So, we were offered more shows. One on February 7th at Reggie's, which is a huge show. Hell, Titus Andronicus and No Age just played a show there. That was a big show, and earlier last August, The Gutter Twins did a free afterparty there, too. How cool, huh? Things are happening and they're happening fast.

We've also been coming up with new names for, say what, a second EP! Yes, it's true.. we're looking in the future, already. You probably don't even have our EP yet. We'll have that available to you at every show. If that's not your thing, then look to iTunes over the next few days. It'll be on there, also. If you can't wait, go run a search on, and you can download them!

Big things, so keep in touch. Thanks to everyone who came out last night and thanks to all planning to coming next month!


The Code Kids 2009 Tour Dates
01/10 - Chicago, IL @ The Underground Lounge
01/22 - Chicago, IL @ Wright College (TBD)
01/24 - Chicago, IL @ The Red Line Tap
02/07 - Chicago, IL @ Reggie's


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We Sell It Back To You When You Beg EP [Nov. 12th, 2008|01:26 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]
[Current Music |elliott smith - strung out again]

It took a year and a half, but we finally finished our first EP. It's a brisk eleven minutes, but absolutely worth it. To be honest, for just getting situated here in Chicago back in August, we're moving at a rapid pace. An EP? Booking shows? Another EP on the way? Whoa, we might be getting ahead of ourselves, but whatever... we like to.


Yes, you can buy the EP digitally. Right now, you can order it digitally through Snocap, where we have a store on our MySpace. Or, you can wait and pick up the physical, shrink wrapped EP at one of our shows. (If you're really persistent, we can mail 'em to you also!) Pretty soon, give it about two weeks, the thing will be on iTunes. Yeah, we're doing this the right way this time. And so far, we even have press (even if I am Editor of the site)... here.

We'll be having some live shows coming up. So keep on the look out, we'll be updating.

Right now we're continually writing. We have some songs in the cards, some are: "How Very", "Clinical Mom", and another one we're doing arrangements for. It's a lot different, but our song listing is getting bigger and bigger by the moment. We're thinking of recording these for the next EP, probably in a month or two: "Short Circuitry", "I Ain't Calling", "It's Gonna Rain", and "Kiki's At It Again."

It's all in the cards, but it is all happening. So far, unlike previously, the word of mouth has been inordinately helpful.
Be sure to add us on iLike!

See you around! Let us know what you think, too!


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The Code Kids debut... [Oct. 13th, 2008|10:21 pm]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Current Music |gone baby gone (the depressing ben affleck movie, not the violent femmes song)]

Well, things are officially over with The Pax Romana. It doesn't seem necessary to use the band name anymore, so thus, we've come up with a new one. Thanks to Kyle Masterson, we have a new name.

The Code Kids

It's snappy, it's easy and we're going with it.

Lots of news, but we'll make it simple:

-expect an EP in a month
-we're going to make a real, full band live debut in a matter of weeks
-our line up is complete:

Lead Guitar: Jay Ziegler
Vocals/Rhythm: Mike Roffman
Bass Guitar: Kyle Masterson
Drums: Brad Cooper

-We have six original songs written and finalized, with at least five more in rough stages.
-Expect some artwork in the coming weeks.
-Some band photos are going to be worked over, too.
-Possible "singles" are: Good For You, Andrew McCarthy, and/or Nobody Knows This is Somewhere

That is all.
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Three weeks and counting... [Jul. 23rd, 2008|08:39 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |george carlin]

Only another three weeks and guitarist Jay Ziegler will be moving to Chicago. That means it'll be two years since the band's actually done anything progressive. But, wait a second. That's assuming we haven't been doing anything at all up to this point. Untrue. Very untrue. In fact, the ball is rolling and things are looking brighter than ever.

For one, we have a new bassist. His name's Kyle Masterson and he's a writer/teacher out of DePaul University. He's a fucking awesome guy and we're happier than ever with the progress so far. Since I've been a sitting duck up here for the past twelve months, it's nice to have a new face and someone to jam with. We've really been kicking away (well, let's not get too carried away here) and experimenting with some new sounds (ukulele anyone?), putting together some cool covers too.

Some songs in the proverbial bag:
-"Nobody Knows This is Somewhere": A very abrasive, softer tune, in a similar vein to the Replacements. The preview on MySpace allows for somewhat of an idea, but the real deal has yet to come.
-"Schmolitics": A Southern, Louisianna garage rock song, channeling some Raconteurs and Cold War Kids. It's a slick one, very bluesy and bound to rock on stage.
-"Entertained": A softer, acoustic driving song, utilizing the capo. It's a bit early Radiohead-ish, if that's any indication of where our heads are.
-"My Headache's Bigger Than Yours": This one sizzles. It's very Hendrix, but loud and bombast. It's a blast to play and the throaty vocals have some meat.
-"Autumn Oak": A slow burner, think Fiona Apple's "Shadowboxer" but with a Paul Westerberg vibe. It's eerie and chilly.
-"Summer Tin": It's the equivalent to "Autumn Oak", but very light and happy. It's the first song of ours with a ukulele and will be a very bare bones number. Think The Beach Boys if they had Brian Wilson throughout the 90's(and not on just episodes of Full House)... it's fun yet cynical at the same time, which is why I mention Wilson.

We won't name the songs, but here are some of the bands we've been fooling around with and covering: Devo, The Rolling Stones, The Replacements, Polaris, Black Sabbath, etc.

Lots of exciting stuff coming up. We're going to have more and more details as the autumn begins, including more band additions, some new recordings, and possibly an EP by the end of the year.

The band like you've never heard it before... starts soon. Haha.

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Back From The Grave And Into The Fire! [Nov. 9th, 2007|10:25 am]
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[Current Location |Allen Music Library, FSU]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |Biohazard - Failed Territory]

Dear faithful Romans,

Hello and welcome back! If you haven't heard, The Pax Romana is reforming in Chicago in the summer of 2008. It's been a long hiatus for the band and we're ready to take it to a place where the people actually respect music as opposed to hiring you to play their keg parties. I'm not putting that down, it's just not the thing for us, at least at this point.

Anywho, there are quite a few things that we're currently working on. When we regroup in Chicago, Mike and I will be searching for a new drummer and keyboardist to fill in the mighty shoes of Bill Hanson and Matt Sexton. Both worked with us incredibly hard and their places in the band are cemented in legendary status. Yes, I'm sentimental and fair, what can I say?

A friend of ours leaked "Force Majeure" on the internet a few days ago. If you never received a copy of "Force Majeure" froom us at one of our shows, you can download it for free on our myspace page at:

They are in a bittorent file, so you'll be able to get the whole EP in a matter of an hour! How cool is that? Very.

Mike is also putting the album on CDBaby, which will eventually lead to putting it on iTunes. Definitely look out for these drastic events to occur.

Even though we're worlds apart (I'm in Tallahassee, Mike in Chicago) we're generating momentum and hype for our first show due sometime next August or September. It will be the first show since June 17th, 2006 in Gainesville, Florida where we last played with Currents & The Most. It was a great show to end on (at the time), but as I said before, we are back!

This time around we're pushing it to the limit. Chicago so far has been very kind to us, both in terms of support and buzz. We're getting more plays now than we ever did in Florida. Some things just go right in different places. I can't explain.

Till next time, arrivederci! Tell your friends about the band. It will be grand.

~Jay, The Pax Romana
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time is running out [Jun. 26th, 2007|03:11 am]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]
[Current Music |die hard]

I leave Thursday, or as they say, "I leave Thursday." 

The Pax Romana has been broken up for a year now. It's sad, it's depressing, but you can't let it get yourself down. On the fortunate side of things, Jay and myself have been recording and demo'ing songs, mainly stuff we've individually written but also stuff we originally intended for the band. In no way is there ever going to be a reunion (Bill's in LA working on a movie with Natasha Lionne and Matt is doing Fantome), but it's been a blast just hanging out and playing songs.

We've been messing with covers. We recorded two... and a third, if you actually can call it a song and not a fucked up medley... and we put the two covers on the MySpace ( "About A Girl" is the cover of the Nirvana tune and has me playing guitar with Jay on electric and harmonies. It sounds bad ass. Same with our insanely slowed down tuneage of "I'm So Bored With The USA" by The Clash. Call it our "Lasagne Incident' era. Haha. 

We just had fun and why not? I'm leaving in basically hours now and he's finishing up school. 

In reality, we're back to square one musically and it's the best time we've had since 2004.


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